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This post will tell you about the path finding being done finally and what it needs to be 100% and hopefully add it to the game

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Pathfinding AI

Hello everyone, Ian here, and after 3 weeks of constant work, (Really its been 9 months but usually I've been playing more games than I should have aka given up for a bit) It's finally finished! I'm glad I finally made this! Now all I need to do is to compress the code and make it runnable for Highschool Madness, and hopefully progress on without any worry's.

Also ever since Ludum Dare 30, I've been making programming a habit now :D


The images showing an example of how it worked.
[^ Between 7 and 8 (images) is missing. My fault :/]

What would I expect in the next news update?

- Compress the Path finding AI
- Import it to Highschool Madness
- Test it out
- If it works, then make a "class" session system.

Thanks for reading my post, be sure to watch my game If you think its interesting, I'll usually post updates like these weekly. See yeah everyone,

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