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We are here again with a new edition of breaking in. Today VectorIV took some extra time to be with us in the fourth edition of Breaking in, get some popcorn and some coke and come join us while we ask some questions to VectorIV.

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Taxikiller wrote:Hi who are you and what do you ?

Isn't that obvious enough to you? And what do 'I' do is a wide question; There's a plenty of answers that can be provided.

Taxikiller wrote:You've got some great mods under your belt. How come you decided to join this project's or start them by your self ?

Someone told me I should do it. And I did it.

Taxikiller wrote:How long have you been working in the bowels of modding ?

Approximately, 2 Years.

Taxikiller wrote:Describe to us a day in your life, like for example what you do and how it is.

Right now, I need to study 5 days a week and it is horrible. I would play video games, watch a film/anime, chat with a friend, draw a picture or mod in my free time.

Taxikiller wrote:What is the most important for you, Experience, work ethic, or talent?


Taxikiller wrote:Do you have to work at maintaining your passion and drive?

Yes, I think.

Taxikiller wrote:What do you wish you could have done differently?

I wish I could have been more honest to myself.

Taxikiller wrote:What did you do on college, did you followed any Game design study before you made mods or did you self study ?

I study at college. I studied by myself plus a few help by the others.

Taxikiller wrote:If you could give any advise to new modders what would it be?

There's nothing too hard to be done if you try hard enough.

Self-pleasuring lol?

Taxikiller wrote:What about your own historical stats?

What about them?

Taxikiller wrote:How did you end up doing what you do now and what were you doing before you worked/started modding?

I ended up dining because I was hungry. And no, I dined after I started modding.

Taxikiller wrote:If you could only play two video game's your entire life which two should that be ? Remember just two.

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds and C&C Generals Zero Hour.

Taxikiller wrote:You look like a guy that speaks 1000 of language's. Which do you actuel speak ?

Thai and English. I can barely speak Japanese and Italian.

Taxikiller wrote:When you were a kid, did you always wanted to make games/mods, or did you wanted to be a cop and lock up the bad guys, or a fireman and save cats that are stuck in tree's ?

When I was a kid, I dreamed of being a king and serve the people.
(Can't quote more than 14, Moddb's so hidoi): What kind of game's do you play your self, RTS, FPS, MMO ?
Most of 'em.

interviewed - VectorIV
mod creator of - C&C Generals Zero Hour : Enhanced


Thanks for interview!

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