Post news RSS Breakers Yard Adds Shops, Weapon Slots, and a Junk Economy

Suddenly there are shops to buy upgrades with junk-money. All those nouns are new features.

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Breakers Yard has been under heavy development the past couple weeks (play the latest build here), so here's what new since the last update:

  • Enemies drop junk that you can pick up and add to your score!
  • Get an even bigger score if you pick up the new Junk Magnetism perk!
  • Weapon combos are limited to two (at first) so the player's main weapon changes constantly!
  • The player can expand their weapon slots by finding the new weapon upgrade...
  • Which you can bought at the newly minted shops! (comes with shopkeeper!)

Breakers Yard plays completely differently than it did two weeks ago, so check out the latest build now! (and don't forget to vote on Greenlight)

Have fun!DD

Shops, Slots, and tons of Junk!Shops, Slots, and tons of Junk!Shops, Slots, and tons of Junk!Shops, Slots, and tons of Junk!

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