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As promised, we present the new gameplay. Currently, it's in a very rough state and perhaps it's not quite exciting yet, but it clearly has the potential we believed it had. And it's not "Tetris" anymore!

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The new gameplay literally just got finished being implemented to the point where it's actually presentable, but unfortunately I wasn't able to make a nice, pretty video for it, yet. Instead, it's just raw gameplay, so allow me to explain the gameplay concepts a little for you.

You start by filling in the piece to the beat, just as you used to, but instead of adding a piece in a particular direction, you are now hitting the key that corresponds to the color of the current block. We have 3 color keys: Red, Blue, and Yellow. If you hit the correct color on beat, you will be rewarded by having the current block turn into the piece's color(depicted by the outline color of the piece). On the other hand, if you hit the wrong color or are off beat, you never know what color you're going to get.

You'll also notice that "gravity" is in effect on the pieces, meaning that when a piece is placed, each block moves out as far as possible, leaving no blank spaces around the outer edge of the gameboard. This is done because you can no longer move the piece as it's being placed(in fact, you don't move the piece at all, you rotate the gameboard now, which can only be done up until you finish filling in the piece and drop it). Clearing blocks is no longer based off "completing lines", but instead off grouping similar colors together in chains of 10 or more. Also note that this level is part of the training/tutorials for the game, so this isn't a Dance Battle like the other videos, but the Dance Battle components of the game have remained unchanged in this new gameplay style.

There are a number of aspects to the new gameplay style that are not shown in this video. For example, as you progress through the game, one of the ways it gets more difficult is by adding combination of the colors, making Purple, Green, and Orange. We have also created a "Wildcard" system, in which you will be able to place white blocks/pieces that act as a crossover between different colors, which will be especially useful in the later stages of the game when you must manage 6 different colors on the gameboard at once.

We are always open to feedback and suggestions, so let us know what you think of this new gameplay style.

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