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First look at a new game we've been working on - A Multiplayer (Not Local) Brawler concept with competitive and casual style gameplay.

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Here at ANIMAL we've been working on a game for the past few months and wanted to share it with the indiedb community!

It will be a stylized online multiplayer(not local) brawler.

Our goal is to build a game that we actually want to play, that can be enjoyed casually as well as semi competitively. We’ve developed an aesthetic that we are happy with and aim to achieve a light hearted gameplay style with a bit of urgency fast-paced melee combat. Think Rust or PUBG mechanics combined with a little more casual Dark Souls/For Honor combat style.

As for platforms - right now currently we will be doing PC/Steam and hopefully spread to consoles if its nothing too crazy. the multiplayer system setup was about three months of work on its own!

You can follow the progress here on Twitter but I will try to post more in this thread as well as we progress.

Since this is our first post here, we will share a few things!

This was from a few months ago - showcasing pieces of the melee combat with one handed knives. You can see some of our earlier blocking/parrying and shield breaking in this clip, which we are constantly tweaking for a more streamline/fun system. The other character here is an actual player, and not a local connection.

This is from the same phase of testing - showcasing an evasive wall running technique which we've added to increase mobility in the game as well as providing an evasive maneuver. NPC's seen in this clip beating each other senseless.

Much more recent clip - We started to integrate a CQC system. If a character wishes to specialize in hand to hand, they can - without a reliance on skill trees and certain other perks that are normal in today's games. Hand to hand can be as devastating as a armed character.

Finally this clip just showcases the new environmental changes.

Like we've stated above, we will do our best to post some devblog stuff here and twitter until we get a name and create a actual blog for this content.

Let us know what you think!



TWITTER: @animal_labs


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