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Today we bring you our journey of our spirit companion design of Bracara Augusta: Shadow of the Past!

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Hello, IndieDB community !

Welcome to our seventh article of our game: “Bracara Augusta: Shadow of the Past”. Today we are going to talk about our game's main character companion: The Roman Spirit

The Worshipper of the Egyptian goddess Isis

Our spirit companion is a worshipper of the goddess Isis, tasked with the duty to protect the situla of Isis.

The situla is a sacred vessel, it has a small rounded shape that looks like a bucket with a handle, that carried the water of the river Nile.The river Nile is associated with symbol of life and resurrection.

Isis is the goddess of magic, that resurrected Osiris, and is associated with: motherhood, healing, good fortune and protector of the dead.

The priestess of Isis end up getting the situla almost stolen, and to protect it they send it to the 21st century.

Our companion is dragged along with the situla and turned into a spirit. Now we must help her to find the situla so that we can both return home.

Companion Design

Our companion's design started with the idea of a ghost. We wanted to make 2 versions of the same character:

  • a small version that follows the player around;
  • a bigger size that appears when the player talks to her.

Companion design 1

Image 1: Spirit Design: first draft

In the first versions, our companion had the shape of a butterfly or a generic ghost.

However we wanted the spirit to have a bigger role and a personality. And so we decided to make a human shaped ghost, smaller than the main character.

Companion design 2

Image 2: Spirit Design: human version

After choosing a shape we did some colour studies. In the end we opted for a more bluish/ greenish colour scheme.

Companion design 3

Image 3: Spirit Design: colour studies

We also tested the spirit and colour with some context. Here we have the scale of the ghost while comparing it to the main character.

Companion design studies 4

Image 4: Spirit Design: Smaller size with main character for scale

Companion design 5

Image 5: Spirit Design: Bigger size with main character for scale

While the spirit follows the player around, it releases some particles similar to fairy dust.

In Unity we tested some particle effects and ended up choosing this one:

Companion design 6

Image 6: Spirit Design: Spirit Companion Particles

To summarize, this week we were focused on the spirit companion character design and behaviour. Now we are going to start to work on the character views and animations.

But we will leave that for another article, in the meantime:

Have a nice week

Stay safe!

Ave Bracara Augusta

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Marema Studios

See you in the next article!

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