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Here we bring you an in-depth explanation of Bracara Augusta's game environment!

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Hi, IndieDB community !

Welcome to our second article of our game: “Bracara Augusta: Shadow of the Past”.

Environment- Braga Roman Ruins

As we saw in our last article, the Bracara Augusta ruins ended up dismantled to build the new medieval city, which was located next to the old one.

So how are the ruins faring now you ask?

Nowadays, in the ruins, we can see the shape of the living spaces and how the buildings were made. The spaces contain stone flooring and remains of walls, which dictate the size of the building’s room size.

It is also possible to observe support beams, water canals, columns and small openings in the walls where they burned the wood to heat up the water in the thermal bathhouse, etc.

The smaller objects found the in the ruins were all collected and are in exposition at the Museum of Archaeology D. Diogo de Sousa.

And it is through all these ruins and objects that historians were able to figure it out how the people lived in Bracara Augusta.

Braga's Roman Thermae

Image 1: Roman Thermal Baths of Alto of Cividade

Braga's city Roman ruins

Image 2: Roman Thermal Baths of Alto of Cividade

Braga's city roman ruins

Image 3: Roman Thermal Baths of Alto of Cividade

Bracara Augusta: Shadow of the Past will bring to life some of these ruins. The adventure is going to take place underground and with the ruins slightly restored.

We took inspiration in the Museum of Archaeology D. Diogo de Sousa house models of the buildings.

We decided to make our game in the dark underground where the main character must find an exit and at the same time stop find a very important artefact.

Down below we bring you a compilation of images that shows the kind of mood and environment you can expect to see in our game:

General Moodboard

Image 4: General Mood of the game

Environment Moodboard

Image 5: Environment Mood of the game

Accessories Moodboard

Image 6: Objects Mood of the game

To summarize, this week we were focused on gathering references to create a better game world.
But, it's not over yet...we also want to leave a little sneak peak at our work in progress: environment game art .


Have a nice week

Stay safe!

Ave Bracara Augusta

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See you in the next article

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