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Hey, Well, still working on a few adjustments. Sprites are gonna remain like that for now...."Boxy"....

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Well, still working on a few adjustments. Sprites are gonna remain like that for now...."Boxy".

I came up with a with a logo for the game. :P :D
Check it out in the Images section.

I will upload gameplay videos soons.

I could really use some feedback from the TestDemo that I uploaded.


Laterzzaaaa!! :P :D


not that bad for a demo but the pick up and aiming system could be better

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yodason45 Author

could u elaborate? pick up? what would u like to be done better in the aiming system? any suggestions?!


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I actually do like the overall idea of this. This whole 2d-adventurish-zombie-survival-type game sounds pretty awesome. But there is room for a lot of improvement. Right now everything feels quite wacky and strange. Specially the controls are pretty terrible. A list of stuff I noticed:

1) The hero controls way too slippery for this kind of game
2) The move-objects thing is an awesome idea, though works horrible. It took me way too long to figure out how to move those freaking boxes out of my way, and opening the door feels quite weird too since you have to keep clicking on the door to move it.
3) picking up objects is really hard for some reason, since you really have to click these objects very precisely, and sometimes to clicks don't get noticed at all.
4) this whole observation feature(middle mouse button) is kinda pointless. All it does is slowing the gameplay down and makes picking up and searching objects more tedious then it is already.
5) the fact that switching the flashlight on and off are two different buttons is just strange. Definitely fix that!
6) the zombies take probably a few too many hits. Nothing too problematic though. But...
7) ...those shooting guys are ridiculously hard to kill. Didn't stand a chance :(

I think that's all. I hope you don't mind this critic, and hopefully it helps to improve the game. Good luck ;)

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yodason45 Author

u hope i dont mind?! i love this critic!!

now some answers to your questions:-

1) aah i see, will surely change that
2) yea, im fixing that as we speak
3) yea, point noted
4) i wanted to make the game dark, and not all shooting, cuz then, it would be more of an arcade game. i wanted some stop, think, then move along. but nevertheless, point noted.
5) that was a bug while make the flashlight, couldnt get to work with 1 button, i'll try fixing.
6) about the zombies taking more hits to go down, its cuz in a first person shooter everyone knows to aim for the head. here, u dont know where the head is. plus it makes zombies a bit more difficult and scarier to deal with. point noted though.
7) thats exactly why i made the pause, observe ur environment, im soon planning on explosive barrels and such. (oh and u can pick up objects and hide behind them, right under their noses)
8) oh theres no 8!! :P :D

thnx for ur criticism, u'll definitely see changes in the next release.

Laterzzaaaa!! :P :D

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Nice to hear. Really looking forward to the next build :)

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