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Jump pads, wall jumps, physicalised characters, and game testing!

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There's a certain satisfaction, as a highly unskilled programmer, to successfully coding features. There's a certain extra something, however, to successfully coding a feature without even intending to do it. And that, folks, is how Box Guy magically obtained the ability to walljump.

Update 2
Just watch that little guy scale this wall

Box Guy meets Parkour Guy?

Not quite, but he's not doing badly. Thanks to his newly programmed character and animation controllers, he's able to grab onto surfaces and then perform a jump off them. At the moment, this looks rather awkward as the run animation continues to play, but that's a fix for another update. ;)

Update 2
A fun little sequence in level 6

Also included in this update is the jump pad item. These are pretty self-explanatory: walk on them, and you'll bounce!

Update 2

I hear you have a bug problem!

You might have heard right. Pending an industrial-grade shipment of insect-repellent, we need you as a dedicated tester! Team benefits include cake and eternal gratitude*. Simply let me know via either an email or a private message and I'll get you set up.

And in closing...

As always, the latest game build is available to play in your browser! If you enjoy this little techdemo, please show your support and take five seconds to hit one of the social sharing buttons at the top of the page, or leave a comment on the site itself.


*while stocks last


What this Game needs is Slide.You know when you run and then press s or down arrow and boom you slide like in Crysis 2 or even in Fancy pants adventures!
And are all the levels for testing new thing's like wall jumping!?

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Cry-Ruan Author

That's quite a cool suggestion, might have to look at that in the future :)

And yeah, most levels do have a specific purpose, ie, level 6 is for walljumping, 5 for the lethal water entity, etc.

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So nice xD

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Absolutely epic game ;D

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