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We have added depot to the cities! Now possible to buy and sell carriages, repair them and construct your train.

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Hi guys,

For 2 weeks we have not posted any news, because we have worked on an important feature - Train depot! Almost each city you visit will have a train depot. There you will be able to:

  • Purchase and sell train carriages and locomotives
Depot screen

  • Manage your train ( add, remove carriages)
Depot screen 2

  • Repair your carriages
Carriage repair

Each carriage has a list of properties:

  • Health points. No need to explain this :)
  • Carriage weight. The heavier your train the slower it moves
  • Carriage armour. How good it protects your crew
  • Carriage carry capacity - how many barrels or boxes of different goods you can load in it

Locomotives also have different parameters such as:

  • Power,
  • Max. speed
  • Tender size
  • Coal consumption
Locomotive properties in Depot

Now combining different carriages and locomotives you can construct different kinds of trains - a fast train with light carriages or a slow and heavy armoured train or a train with lots cargo carriages that is good for trading.
By adding a new carriage you increase your train weight and so it moves slowly. Heavy armoured carriages reduce speed much more.
Visual part of Depot is not finished yet, but we are moving in this direction

Also we finished the most important sounds for the game. Sorry, don't know how to show them, so just believe me - they are very fine bang! bham! tooph! and piu-piu.

See you next week!

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