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We finish our work with US map – few improvements are coming but main work is done!

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Three months we have worked with map of US and finally we get what we want!
In order to complete your secret mission (cannot tell you right now…) you need to travel across the eastern part of the US. We wanted you to explore whole North America, but sorry, no tickets (that time railroad was only in the East.)

Game map

That is why not all big cities are connected by rails. Some cities in the middle of 19th century were so small, so we were not sure if we need to show them or not. We were surprised, that Atlanta had a population 20 time less than Charleston. After some hot debates we added Atlanta, no looking that it was almost just a village!

US map. Eastern part

In the first version we wanted to show 15 cities only. We created a list of cities and marked cities that should be presented on the map. Checked the list and then increased cities count to 20 but marked cities were still more than 20. We checked the list again and tried to remove some cities…though increased the list again. Everyone was happy except the artist, who needed to create 24 cities instead of 15 :)

Us map

The biggest problem we had with ocean waves. After few weeks of experiments we decided to do 2 kinds of waves - coastal waves and ocean waves. Maybe they are not perfect and, but anyway our game is not about waves...

Costal waves

Total result of our work:
- built 24 cities
- created 7 windmills, 3 water mills and 2 sawmills
- planted 731 tree
- drink 84 cup of coffee
- built 1648 miles of railroads

That's all for now
Want to learn more?
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Kinda like Gettysburg,, Still can't lay my hands on the demo.

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BountyTrain Author

Hi, just interesting, what exactly Gettysburg game do you mean?

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