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Update 4 is here! Sorry that there is no video this week but due to some problems, we decided to hold back and wait until next week. We hope that you enjoy this though and hope to see you next week!

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Firstly, we would like apologize for there not being a video this week but due to scheduling and other problems, it was just not possible. To accommodate for this, we will have a BIG update next week that is sure to please many. As far as what we worked on this week, it includes characters, environmental assets, a grenade, and two new weapons.


The first weapon is a new primary SMG. The stats on the weapon as still in the works but it currently 25 bullets in the clip and 175 bullets in totals. It can hold a sight, barrel, and under-barrel attachment. It has a high fire of rate but not very good accuracy which makes it perfect for close quarters combat.


The second weapon is melee weapon. It is a baton with an electric end that shocks the enemy and stuns them for a second. This weapon can be held or you do a quick hit which saves time and helps in a pinch.


The grenade is a standard that blows up after 3 seconds. We will have different types of grenades such as impact grenades, variable grenades, and mini explosives which makes many mini explosions.


The character that we are introducing this week is Blaze. Blaze comes from a broken life. Anything that could have gone wrong, did go wrong and this resulted in years of anger build up. She uses this anger to manifest the fiery powers that she wields. She was recruited to Bounty Corp by an older bounty hunter who saw her talent. Blaze is a hothead who is not afraid off the handle over something very simple. She been working on it but sometimes, it can't be helped.

Environmental Assets

Lastly, here is a group of environmental assets that were created this week for the new environment that is being worked on by the Environmental Team, although as of now only consists of one person, LOL.

There has been other things going on in the background but nothing that can be shown or demonstrated in this articles. This includes physics, AI, code optimization, and wall-running.

Well that’s it for this update and we hope to see you next week for the BIG update.

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