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Welcome back to the world of Bounty. This week, we have environments, npcs, ai, and more. We have some great music as well.

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Bounty - DevLog - Update 15

We would like to say that we're sorry for the recent lack of updates we have been working on some new things and fixing others.

We would like to start off with the AI for the game. We have recently built a system where the AI can communicate with each other in a way of warning other enemies in the vicinity that they around. We also implemented a system where the AI can roam around the environment. In addition,we added 2 new weapons, the LMG and Shotgun. They will not be shown in the video due to tweaking and making them feel more like their weapon type.

We also started back working on environments so we can figure out and get the scale of the City we want to create for Bounty. We worked on two different environment types. We later might merge the two to extend the size of the world in Bounty. We also worked on an Array tool for ease of use on things while working on maps in UE for things such as railings and other things that you would want to line up in a perfect line. It saves time in the development process and also increases performance for the game.

We recently did a 2nd Pass on one of our enemy characters to basically give him more character. We have also worked on some NPCs that are currently being animated and added to the world to give it more life. New enemy character designs are currently fleshing out and worked on as well.

We worked on an interactive console this week. The interactive console that will be used for a magnitude of things in the game. We are also worked on building a material library using substance designer to make texturing our world easier. The materials will have the ability to be easily customizable using the parameters set in the textures to give things a wide variety.

We would like to say Thank you to our Music Composer, Efe Tozan. Efe made the music for the recent updates to the game. If you would like to check out some of Efe's work and possibly hire him, you can check him out here.

Want more frequent updates on the game or want to get in touch with us very easily? We now have Facebook and Twitter for Bounty. Get information about the game sooner and see more content that does not make it into the updates.

Thanks for checking out Bounty and we hope to see you on the next go around.

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