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BounceShot makes a triumphant return, and with 10 weapons, the number of weapon combos is now over 1000!

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The latest build of Breakers Yard (which you can play here) brings back BounceShot! This is the 10th weapon, and in case you forgot, all the weapons combine with each other. So now there are over 1000 possible weapon combinations! Can you get giant bouncy wavy homing exploding triple ice drills that throw shrapnel and set fires?

Like the BounceBot, this weapon was a long time coming. It had to get shelved eight months ago due to performance issues, but after a fair bit of tinkering it's finally here (and will help clear a room quite nicely).

Have fun (and vote on Greenlight!),

BounceShot's Return BounceShot's Return
BounceShot's Return

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