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It's near, It was released a long time ago, but never was it as complete!

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I would like to open this post by saying, hello!

I don't know how often I have been urged to join ModDB but, I did. Whooptee-fricking-doo.
People may know me as VatcilliZeitchef and MortanLestaria. But the only name that really fits me is Kayako- wait, this isn't supposed to be about me is it? Ah well.

The reason I made this group is to be able to share a few things with people. (and because most other sites aren't quite as efficient sharing media as this one) And this post, is about one of the things that I, representing team Chraysend today would like to share.

Let's start with a trailer, showing gameplay of a mod that FINALLY sees release. It had been released before but not quite as complete as now. The mutator is gone and in it's place there's four gametypes (Of which only two are currently visible. These being the two Deathmatch Variants.)

Ah well, enough talk, Here's a video!

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