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Just a brief description of changelog from Version 1.2

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Changelog from Version 1.2 :

- Some buildings construction time has been reduced (Especially GLA)

- Tomahawk in USA (BOSS NOT INCLUDED) can now attack aircraft

- Improved AI Strategy , Behavior and Teams

- USA AI is not always using Hold the Line Battle Plans it will use another battle plans depending on it's enemy faction

- Boss AI is a little bit stronger and smarter now

- Nuke Cannon Replaced by Inferno Cannon

- Campaign is not playable anymore due to conflict with the mod

- Convoy Truck has been limit to 1 per player.

- NEW MAP! :

Snow War - an 8 player map good for 2 vs 3 vs 3 game.


A short info :

Unfortunately, I don't think that there would be a campaign because i'm planning to add units to vanilla factions that cannot be used in missions.

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