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Changelogs of Boss 1.4 from 1.3 THE HIGHTLIGHT OF THE MOD!

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Hi guys! , it's been a long time since this mod is active anyway, here are the changelogs from 1.3 to 1.4 of Boss AI Mod! :
1.4 Changes :

- Scud Storm Missile no longer collide with structures (Both GLA and Boss Scud Storm and ofcourse the GLA Scud Storm do more damage than Boss Scud Storm)

- Added Guard Air button to RedGuard

- Added Hotkey for Detonate NOW! for GLA Bomb Truck (N is the Hotkey!)

- The original GLA Bomb Truck is back!

- GLA Scud Storm damage reduced

- Marauder Tank's weapon has been upgraded but the price increased.(More powerful than the old weapon)

- USA Tomahawk (Boss not included) damage and speed increased

- Inferno Cannon Display Name Fixed

- GLA and Black Market Build Time reduced

- USA AI Ion Cannon no longer fire at S Pattern

- Both GLA and Boss Scud Storm Weapon Damage Reduced

- GLA Scud Launcher (Boss not included) can now attack aircrafts but can't chase like tomahawk

- GLA Bomb truck disguise ability replaced with stealth ability

- GLA Demo Trap now explodes instantly instead of having a 1 second delay

- GLA Rocket buggy (Boss not included) can attack air . (To be fair with GLA)

- Added Guard Air button to GLA Rocket Buggy , USA Tomahawk and GLA Scud Launcher (Boss not included)

- China Redguard can now attack air (Planes,Helicopters,Parachuting Infantry,etc....)

- Twilight Flame map has been modified slightly to reduce lag

- Boss AI stuck convoy and not attacking is now fixed.( Boss AI can now attack using the Convoy Nuke!)

- Missile Defender's beam wide glitch now fixed and return to normal


- ION CANNON! (USA Only , Boss's Superweapon is still particle cannon!)

- Probably the biggest change in this version of the mod is the ION CANNON! USA ONLY! , USA particle Cannon has been replaced with ION CANNON! , also the beam is not wide anymore but the same width again as normal but the beam color is now red and is so powerful. Countdown timer for the Ion Cannon is 7 minutes and i hope you enjoy!


If you have questions or have suggestions just comment!

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