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Some minor and major changes from the gameplay of BOSS AI Mod for Generals (NOT ZERO HOUR) Version 1.0 , You can Download the file NOW!

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Boss faction with Advanced AI for Command and Conquer Generals (NOT ZERO HOUR).
The reason for creating this mod is i'm tired
of playing in zero hour due to many factions so,
why not make a mod in the original generals?
another reason is that the generals is some
kind of dead game and i want to make it alive
again! so i make this boss mod.
There are no new units or buildings in USA , China and GLA in this version of this mod.
BOSS AI is also NEW!

Unfortunately, version 1.0 and 1.1 are removed for some reason.

-- Changelog : ------------------------------

- Starting Cash Change to 75000
(To meet the difficulty of AI)
- Sell Percentage is now 75%
- Added hotkey for the sell button
which is " . " (period button)
- Nuclear Missile's Hotkey is now "i" for it not to
have bug with patriot missile which is "m" for
Boss Faction Only!
- New ShellMap!
- AI is even harder (Brutal)!
- Additional 2 Points for generals promotion
- Particle Cannon's Damage is Doubled but,
for USA Only (Not Boss).
(So it would be fair to usa superweapon) .
- USA AI now builds supply drop zone
and detention camp on brutal mode only.
- China AI now builds speaker tower
on brutal mode only
- GLA AI now builds demo trap and
one additional palace and black market
on brutal mode only
- Every Supplies Value has been doubled.
(Instead of SupplyDock has only 30,000
it's now 60,000 starting supplies)
(Same also applies to supply warehouse,
SupplyPile and SmallSupplyPiles)
Unfortunately, the supplyPile is still
- Propaganda Center Building Limit is to 1
- Palace Building Limit is to 2
- NEW MAPS! Additional maps and with bigger size
for AI to build. (The one with [BOSS] name)
- Oil Derrick gives 400 every 10 seconds
- Oil Refinery reduces 15% of price instead of 10
I like to improve most features in brutal AI
because after zero hour is released, i feel like
the brutal ai is weaker than the hard in zero hour.

--Additional Info : -----------------------

- I can't program the AI to launch 3
superweapons so i just stick to
1 superweapon for each faction
except the Boss if its Brutal.
- Boss only builds particle cannon
on hard mode and builds all
superweapon in brutal mode and don't
build superweapon in normal.
- I only improved the AI of medium and hard difficulty,
but i didn't modify the normal AI of USA,China,GLA.
- This mod is free and not for sale
- All content of the mod is made by me.
I've coded, test AI for skirmish
all by myself only and it took me almost
2 weeks to made this mod, But some maps
are made by me while others are hidden maps.
- I suggest to play in bigger maps,
(The ones with [BOSS] name).

--Infantry of Boss Faction : -----------------------

- Ranger
- Tank Hunter
- Terrorist
- Hacker
- Colonel Burton
- Black Lotus
- Jarmen Kell
Like in Zero Hour, the 3 heroes require
superweapon to built but,
i didn't include pathfinder
because it would be unfair
and make the game unbalanced

--Tanks of Boss Faction : --------------------------

- Paladin Tank (Requires Science)
- Tomahawk
- Gattling Tank
- Overlord
- Rocket Buggy
- Scud Launcher (Requires Science)
Like in Zero Hour, Paladin requires science
and i also add scud launcher
because the boss has few vehicles

--Aircraft of Boss Faction : -----------------------

- Aurora Bomber
- Comanche
has only 3 to make the game balanced

--Buildings and Defenses of Boss Faction : ---------

- Cold Fusion Reactor (USA)
- Barracks (GLA)
- Supply Center (China)
- Arms Dealer (GLA)
- Airfield (USA)
- Patriot Battery (USA)
- Gattling Cannon (China)
- Tunnel Network (GLA)
- Particle Cannon (USA)
- Nuclear Missile (China)
- Scud Storm (GLA)
- Command Center (China)
I tried to balanced by having 4
buildings of each faction and
also the clear mines buttons is
removed from the dozers

Special Unit of Boss Faction :
Convoy Truck Armed with Nuke - Requires Science
Purchase to build and costs 10000 and
will take 60 seconds to build

--Generals Powers of Boss Faction : ----------------

- Artillery Barrage
- A10 Missile Strike
- Rebel Ambush
- Emergency Repair
- EMP Pulse
As mush as possible i like to
get a science from other faction
rather than creating a new one.

--Disadvantages of Boss Faction : ---------------------

- Convoy Truck has a weak armor and low
health and is very vulnerable to
radiation and toxin
- Most units needs science to build
- Comes with many unit's expensive upgrades
- Dozers Cannot Clear Mines

--Advantages of Boss Faction : ------------------------

- Units are best among the bests
- Has the three superweapon
- Has 4 Buildings of each faction
- Sciences are mixed

--Boss AI Info : --------------------------------------

- Only attacks with one gattling tank
and 4 rangers
- Slightly Harder because it buy
upgrades first before attacking
- Builds all 3 superweapon
- Boss AI doesn't have attack priority
and which you can use as an advantage
- Boss AI will attack at all costs
- Boss AI builds convoy truck in
Brutal Mode

--Known Bugs : -------------------------------------

- When AI has multiple of the
same type of superweapon,
it never ends it launch/fire.
- When playing as boss, even if your
units are under attack the voice
will say your base is under attack
- Convoy Truck in Brutal Mode rarely appears
and attacks enemy.
- AI Don't build much building in
small maps.


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