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This is where it all gets interesting!.... New units are here! A NEW Version of Boss AI Mod brings new units and harder AI!

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1.6 changes from 1.5 (NEW UNITS AND BUILDINGS)

a.) USA Changes :
- Added Laser Tank
- Added Combat Chinook (Build at Airfield)
- CIA Intellegence moved to strategy center
- Added Fire Base (Replaced the Detention Camp) (Infantry cannot enter fire base)
- Added Howitzer Tank (Artillery Tank)
- Carpet Bomb early bombing fixed

b.) China Changes :
- Added Internet Center (Generates Income and heals units like speaker tower)(Replaced Speaker Tower)
- Infantry can now attack inside Troop Crawler
- Added Helix (Aircraft) (Also China airfield can now create helicopters)
- Added Mig Bomber (Aircraft , Requires Science)
- Added MLRS (Artillery Vehicle)

c.) GLA Changes :
- Scorpion Rocket Upgrade Moved to Palace
- Added Toxin Tank (Light Vehicle)
- Added Backhoe Dozer (Fast Vehicle Dozer)
- Added GLA Airfield (Can fit one plane only)
- Added Crop Duster Fighter Plane (Fighter Plane)
- Added Cessna Bomber (Bomber Plane)
- Added Battle Bus (Assault Vehicle)
- Added Supply Truck (Resources Gatherer)

e.) General Changes :
- Rank 8 can now be reach (but all in all you can only have 9 points)
- 4 New Colors :
a.) White
b.) Cherry
c.) Navy Blue
d.) Black
- Camera Height can now be adjusted even higher
- AI (Except Boss) Build new Units and Buildings (Hard and Brutal Only)
- All AI Faction also becomes a lot more harder (Especially Brutal)
- The launcher's icon is also different now!
- Fixed AI Unbalances
- All upgrades only takes 1 second to purchase (Cost is still the same)

f.) What stayed the same?
- No New Maps
- No New Shell Map
- No New Units in Boss Faction


g.) Known Problems :
- Game crashes after playing for sometime
Solution :
- Set your FPS in menu to just 45 FPS or below


I tried to add Mortar Soldier but the model just wouldn't work.
I also made this mod almost a week straight.
If you can help me develop this mod just message me.
I also had to retexture the Howitzer and MLRS because they have purple model.


Thanks to :
- No Life Studios for letting me use some of their stuff

Additional Thanks to :
- Zeke
- TipaIvan




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