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Changelogs from 1.4.3 of Boss AI Mod. NEW General Powers!

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1.4.4 changes from 1.4.3 :
a.) USA Changes :
- Added Carpet Bomb (No TIER)
- Added Missile Defender to Paradrop
- Added Airstrike Science (No TIER)
b.) China Changes :
- Added Napalam Strike Science (No TIER)
- Added Tank Drop Science (No TIER)
- EMP do damages
c.) GLA Changes :
- Camouflage upgrade now affects :
a.) Rebel (Like original in the game)
b.) RPG Trooper
c.) Radar Van
d.) Bomb Truck (disguise ability replaced with stealth)
- Added RPG Launcher to Ambush
- Added Terror Cell Science (No TIER)
- Added Black Market Nuke Science (No TIER)
- Anthrax do more damage
d.) Boss Changes :
- Ambush Replaced with Rangers and Tank Hunters
- EMP do damages (Like China)

General Changes :
- AI only used new sciences in brutal mode

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