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This version adds two cool maps and changes some things and fixes some bugs and flies around the room and makes beeping noises.

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Use the site-mirror below the download link if GameJolt asks you for a log-in and you don't feel like it. GameJolt gives me ad revenue so please consider signing up and downloading from there to support me.


  • * Added new map Arena 2 by Spasman
  • * Added new map Dyson Rooftops by Spasman
  • * Added /yeehaw
  • * Don’t go too high!!!!


  • * Fixed /ban and /voteban overwriting bans instead of listing them
  • * Fixed a lil somethin somethin
  • * Changed the corrupt save prompt (file_delete() doesnt work..)
  • * Randomizing game modes now discludes Survival
  • * Added descriptions for game modes and server options
  • * Expanded on Server Options a bit.
  • * Added tiny ramps to the base entrances in Mines 2


  • * Decreased range of the old pistol
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