Post news RSS Boring Man v1.0.7 is now available

This version fixes some bugs, adds damage numbers and does some weapon balancing.

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* Damage numbers are now displayed when you hit an enemy. Can be turned off.
* Added autobalance option to the server menu
* Added new map Varia Mines 2 by Jake Sauk
(Getting your map as an official map now has guidelines, check site for deets)

* Fixed save file not saving when you quit from the pause menu in-game
* Fixed bots not auto balancing correctly and causing a possible crash
* Set resolution back to its original size

* Bullets have more damage drop off* Magic now has damage drop off
* Decreased Magic proj speed
* Increased Magic damage
* Increased Nitrogen Charge’s damage
* Decreased Old Pistol’s damage
* Decreased Acid Spray’s fire rate and projectile
* Increased Acid Spray’s damage
* Increased Power Rifle’s damage
* Increased Kunai’s damage

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