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This version adds some new maps, fixes some bugs and does some weapon rebalancing.

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Download here!

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* Added new map Arena
* Added new map Boring Man Fields 2
* Added new map Arctic City
* Added Autobalancing. This can be disabled in bm_settings. Server will make a balance check every 15 seconds

* Fixed silenced pistol and underwater AR making action text on clients
* Fixed ammo being displayed incorrectly
* Double damage has been changed to triple damage
* Super speed now affects fire rate and reload speed
* Fixed movement key input when the window loses focus
* Fixed votebans not modifying banned.txt when the player quits
* Removed custom maps (can still be downloaded from website)
* Menu is now borderless
* Doubled screen resolution for testing
* Fixed votebans getting messed up with player joins/quits
* Fixed the sniper scope not resetting when swapping weapons off the ground
* Fixed a stack overflow issue with the max life mutator
* Fixed spectators/unjoined players not counting towards player count
* Changed chat bind key default from Shift to Ctrl
* Fixed team-kill messages coming up blank occasionally
* Polished Tutorial mode a little
* Fixed Fusion Cannon not outputting damage correctly
* Fixed some instances where client players would vibrate

* Taser and EMP now force players to drop their primary weapon
* Dynamite can now be blown up prematurely with explosives
* Suicide vest can now be disabled by the taser, only when activated
* Musket now requires reloading
* BFG will not spawn if a player in the game already has it
* Ammo pick ups do not effect the BFG
* Decreased the BFG’s ammo count
* Increased musket’s fire rate and ammo
* Decreased musket’s damage
* Increased double barrel’s damage
* Increased Fusion Cannon’s damage
* Increased lever action’s damage
* Increased revolver’s damage
* Increased old pistol’s fire rate
* Decreased SMG’s projectile speed
* Decreased Light Rockets pushback and fire rate
* Increased Light Rockets damage
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