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So, this is Book three. From this point on, these will be called Episodes, not Books. That is all.

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Ok, so this is ALL of book 3. And i am being lazy, so i am not putting it somewhere in my blog's back logs. Book 2 will be posted whole on Moddb stories sometime soon, maybe while I am stuck at school tomorrow.
Hope you like this one:

<!-- After another week of hyperspace flight, everyone is used to Felix, both as person, and as part of the crew. On the day they are scheduled to drop out of hyperspace near the rift, Alex took over the kitchen and made a celebratory meal with pasta and other dishes. They all sit together enjoying the food and company, almost more like a famliy than an odd ball crew of gamers.
Piper looks over at Felix,
"You never did tell us why you eat and drink now, and I for one want to know."
"Simple, I wanted to try food. Plus, I can even use some of the matter that I get from food to maintain my replicator cells, and I do so while 'sleeping' at which point I am not really doing much besides software stuff. Backing up my data, doing the stuff I was programed for, that kind of thing." Af brings out a large roasted chicken, starts to cut it for everyone,
"Now this, I made. I will not be out done by a fighter pilot. Hope you guys like it."
Felix eats some and smiles from his new found love of food, shovels some pasta in and stops for a moment with noodles still hanging out of his mouth,
"Ship's leaving hyperspace now."
The glow of of hyperspace gives way to the dim pin point lights of millions of stars, and the crew goes back to eating. Felix starts to choke, and spits out his food,
"Wraith! A hive! And two cruisers!"

The crew jumps up and runs for their combat posts. All but Mularac, Kara, and Felix head for the hangar while Felix brings shields up and starts to fire. Mularac picks him up so he focus on fighting while the three run to the bridge. Once they are at the bridge, Mularac puts Felix in a chair and sits in his own, as Kara drops into the seat with manual fight control.
"Felix, you take the guns, Mularac will monitor the ship's systems and the battlefield, I'll fly."
"Tower, this is Wolf 1, do you copy?"
Mularac taps the comm switch,
"This is tower. Opening hangar doors, you are clear for launch when ready."
Six F-302's and the Al'kesh fly out of the hangar and begin to fight off Wraith Darts. The Aries gets close to one of the cruisers and rips it apart in one pass, while the Wolf squadron mops up it's fighters. Unknown to the crew of the Aries, a Dart manages to land in one of the BC-304's hangar. All the fire from Wraith guns begins to take it's toll on the Aries, even with the ZPM, and it sweeps in to finish the other cruiser.

Outside, in the cold of deep space, the wolves have their hands full fighting the seemingly endless stream of Darts.
Alex and Bob are ripping through the ranks, flying close and blasting anything in the way. SoE and Af are mostly split up, fly near each other now and again to pick a Dart of the other's trail. Piper is firing on Darts and the larger ships alike, with Warren and Caine covering her.
"Wolf 1, this is 11, got an inbound flight of 3 Darts coming in hot, may want to do something about them."
"Check, going over."
Just as Wolf 1 fires, a beam from the Aries blasts the Darts apart on the way to the cruiser.
"Whoo, thanks tower."
"No problem, but SoE and Af need some help. Wolf 5 and 6 are just about out of ammo."
"Alright, Wolf 2 and 11, form up."
A pair of clicks over the comm channel tells him they heard. The trio blast their way over to Wolf 5 and 6, getting a couple sighs of relief from SoE and Af.
"Wolves, this is Tower, fly above the line of fire, we are going take out that last cruiser, then do something about the hive."
"Alright Wolves, you heard her, the kid with all the guns is going to clean up this mess, scatter."
Six clicks this time.
"Tower, you are go for salvo."
All of the Aries' weapons train on the cruiser, firing a rain of accelerated mass from the railguns and beams of blue energy.

The Aries flies through the still burning wreckage of the second cruiser, the flames using up the last of the air on it.
On the other side, it is greeted by a wave of energy weapons from the Wraith, the hive now firing recklessly, even blasting some of its' own fighters.
SoE and Af are heading back to the ship, their fighters out of ammunition, but the rest of the Wolves fight on.
"Tower, this is 2, why not beam a nuclear war head onto the hive?"
"This is 1, I say we do it. All Wolves, head for base."
On the bridge, Felix is using his link with the ship to prepare a nuke for beaming, but he hears heavy boots coming down the hall, he turns his head just in time to see a Wraith fire at Kara. She drops to the ground, and something in Felix snaps. Mularac jumps up to check on Kara, finds she is just knocked out, and is shocked to see Felix's body morph into that of a twenty year old. In a voice fitting his new body, he says
"You hurt Kara. You will never hurt anyone ever again." He runs across the room, taking a stun blast mid stride, and slams the Wraith into the wall, the alien drops to the floor.
"Tower, we are on board, you can blast them now."
Felix's left eye just twitches, and the Wraith beams away, probably going with the nuke.
"Done and done."
"Tower, this is 4, who was that?"
Felix changes back to his normal form, and runs to be with Kara.
The hive explodes and flies apart, and when the shock wave from the blast reaches the rift, the rift seems to change shape. Warren and rest got to the bridge, and they see what is happening in space. The rift opens up, looking more and more like a hyperspace window
"Felix, get us out of here!"
The Aries starts to move and opens a window, but is sucked into the rift...

From this point on, these will be called Episodes, not Books. That is all.


Staying true to your style man...Fine addition.

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a bit

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