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In this week's update, our helicopters are further improved, and we add some new infantry-related functions. Come in and check it out.

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+ VTOL aircraft now tilt forward depending on the ratio between desired speed and top speed.

+ VTOL aircraft now bank when turning

+ The whole tilting system was rejigged for VTOL aircraft

+ VTOL aircraft are able to recognize if they are over flat land in order to land.

+ VTOL aircraft spin and crash to the ground when destroyed

+ Attack helicopter added to Swarm AI, which will start spawning them after 6 minutes

+ AH-1 Cobra now has a functioning turret

+ UH-60 Black Hawk can now carry 10 troops

+ Units that can deploy and retract can now be set to only do so on flat land

+ Tile costs are in, and vehicles favor pathing on roads and away from rougher terrain, like sand

+ Vehicles no longer instantly pivot in place and now pivot according to a pivot speed

+ Now that aircraft are in, AA guns now have a function.

+ Male soldier portraits updated with new style

+ Female soldier portraits are in progress and should be in-game by next week.

+ Names for East Asians now have sub-categories for Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese and Chinese

- This is a test for sub-categories for soldier names, which will be expanded upon significantly when the faction split happens

+ Some hilarious bugs, like buildings just floating away fixed.

+ New music is being made.

+ Version 0.04 released and is available here:

+ I do dev streams here regularly:

+ Here is the current music playlist for anyone that wants a listen:

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