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In this post, we discuss about the boats available in game and how their statistics, weapons and equipment produce a specific gameplay for each of them.

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With the launch being just around the corner (October 9 on iOS and later on other platforms), this is probably going to be the last pre-release post.

In Pixel Boat Rush, the progression is split over 4 racing classes and 50 boats:

One of the major characteristics of the game will be that every boat will behave differently. Of course, the basic statistics will already bring some differentiation between the boats:

  • Top Speed
  • Acceleration: how fast the boat reach the top speed
  • Braking: how fast the boat slows down
  • Downforce: how easy it is to stick to a wave, and how fast a boat will fall from the air if you release throttle (air control)
  • Armor: shields some of the damage received

This already means that some boats will fare better if tricky sets of waves are avoided while others will be very resilient to driving mistakes. Some boats will be more effective if kept away from the brawl while others will just ask for being driven right through action.

With the high variety of weapons in game, almost every boat will have a specific arsenal which requires to be used differently. For instance, you'll have to be in front of an opponent to drop a mine on him, some weapons will do better when attacking many opponents are the same time, some others will be more effective at short distance and so on.

Passive and active systems will add yet another layer of diversity between boats. From stuns, electronic jamming, boosts, repair systems, jump systems to shields, every configuration will bring a very useful advantage if used properly.

Every boat will have a number of upgradable slots attached to it. Once upgraded, every slot will add a specific statistics bonus. This means that not only the 'raw' stats of a boat have to be considered, but also its 'potential'.

All in all, every boat will behave differently, with its own set of strengths and weaknesses, and require to be played accordingly for maximum effectiveness. This also means that a part of the fun will be to find out which boat is best suited for various race conditions and for the taste of every player!

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