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Been gone for a while now, and I believe today is a good time to come out of the shadows haha

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Hey everyone!

Sorry for the absence and not doing anything. To be honest I haven't touched my laptop in the last two weeks so I finally brought it out today. I have been very inactive with BNC and anything else that has to do with online stuff. I should have been able to do something last week but alas, I did not. And I believe that to be a shame.

First quarter ended last week, so there was that to begin with. I had a four day weekend which I could have done something but of course I had two very big tests the day I came back from that break so I had to study my butt off for that. But, on a happier note I've been able to keep a consistent GPA of 4.4 (which for those that don't know is VERY good) and passing all of my advanced classes. So that's very awesome! (:

Anyways, going onto more on topic stuff

With my absence on any electronic device, not including my mobile devices, I have not done a single thing for the mod. If I am not able to throw together much in these weeks, then there is no way of me getting this story out before the end of the year. So basically what I'm saying is, this story most likely will be a 2015 story, sadly.

Otherwise I really have nothing to say about this. I forgot to post last week and I'm posting on a Sunday rather than a Saturday which is an oops. I've also had a couple problems with my laptop lately so I'm gonna be on the look out for something new.

Anyways, that's all! Peace!

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