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There really is nothing super interesting in this news update

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Happy Saturday everyone!

So bad news, I did not get much done at all this week for BNC. School became really complicated and I needed some time off from thinking. I started a new job as well so it is going to be even more of a hassle because I might not be able to work much on the weekends on the story now.

But, I did get some interesting mapping out. I'm not sure if anyone has seen the latest media, but I started two new maps: one just a basic little house and the other a REALLY nice looking barn area. It looks so nice and I can't wait for release so that people can see just how nice this barn turned out to be. Otherwise the other map is jut something I started then wanted to go to the barn. I have the story down for these two maps but I'm not sure about much else.

Also, I found a skybox that I like from the original mod Obscurity, made by ElectricRed. I do plan on asking for permission to use this skybox from the user and hopefully I'll get a positive answer from the creator. He is still online in the ModDB community so that's good to know that I can contact him.

Anyways, I believe that this is all that I can add for this weeks Weekly News.

In the mean time, *peace*

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