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Weekly news for BNC, nothing special and apparently this needs to be 50 characters so there you go ModDB

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Hey everyone, Tree here

So a lot of things this week had to be put to a halt with the PSAT this week and three pretty big tests for myself, so again nothing much got done. Plus my Internet was out all this week and LITERALLY just got fixed, so I hoped on here to talk about it (haha)

Anyways, on to business.

Although not much got done, I have started adding a new outside map and began the search for a skybox. I'm still trying to think if I want a night sky or daytime skybox and might pull it off of an existing mod. Of course that means I have to ask the mod developer if I can use their skybox and some legal agreements and stuff so maybe I'll look into creating my own. I have no experience in it and it'd be cool to do that.

I also added a few touch-ups to a couple existing maps I have. I am pretty much completely done with the intro sequence except for the voice acting that I need to throw in and small touch-ups like a skybox. If all goes according to plan I can have voice acting in by next weekend. But that is not going to be able to happen until I get some sort of plan on how the actors will sound and stuff. Luckily I'm good at voice impressions so we'll see

Also, I've finally decided on what I am going to include in the demo. I'll have that out hopefully by next weekend. I don't want to expose too much to the story or just throw the character into it when they get back when the story is completely released (which might happen unfortunately, but who knows).

Anyways, that's all I have. Stay tuned for next weeks weekly news. In the mean time, Tree out!

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