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Weekly news update with Tree: minor improvements to the mod and possibility of a demo.

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Hello hello everyone, Tree here!

I believe with how well the mod had been going it was about time to post it on ModDB finally so here we are. I've gotten some fairly good reviews with the few pictures I have up, and it's definitely been a good motivation for completing this mod. Thank you to the person haha :P

Anyways, onto the actual news.

As you might know, BNC is TBA, mostly because of school and sorts. And of course, I got a little booty tipped with it, having three Advanced Placement classes and a couple electives I also have to follow, plus trying to maintain a relationship and hang out with family and... it's stressful to say the least. Today was really the only day I have been able to work on it, and I must say, it has definitely payed off. The fifth map has come out very nicely so far, as well as the Cistern and the Main Hall. I still need some voice acting to go in, as that will be in the final release. The quality of that voice acting I know is not going to be very good, however. My microphone had just recently broken and if I am going to use voice acting then I most likely am going to have to use my laptops microphone for the time being. It's possible, but Audacity is not exactly the nicest to me and any other program just farts on me or crashes my laptop.

But, nonetheless, I've been working on map design and programming in the meantime. That's not that bad is it haha :P

Moving on. With the success of the story on ModDB and the quality of the CS itself, it is safe to assume that a demo may be in the making. Also, beta testing might be something that is a possibility if I have the time for it. I really do want to get this story out before the end of the year, even if it means having it release on December 31st at 11:59PM or something. But, like I said, a demo is definitely a possibility. I'd have to figure out how much I want to show and how much of the action I want to throw in. Voice acting may not be added into it and a couple other variables.

Anyways, that is it for this weeks Weekly News. I'll try to do these every Saturday (depending if I want to or not; it's 1:30 in the morning here right now so yeah this will be interesting).

That's it for now, Tree out

[insert that one Emoji that's like a peace sign]

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