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Information about the future of Blue Portals, also posting the mod back on ModDB.

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Two weeks until the release of Portal 2, we know your excited about it as we are. However, we need to address a few issues about Blue Portals, which has been the Portal mod keeping your mind occupied for the last several months.

First off, we have to say that the development of UP has paused for now. It stopped development because the mapper WinstonSmith was suppose to work with Colossal on UP while I manage the campaign, SDK, and work on Extended Play. In the end, both Extended Play and UP was suppose to be finished right about now, and the mod was then be avalable on ModDB and Desura. Of course, this did not happen because Winston got busy after the release of Blue Portals. We can't blame him, anyone would have taken real life over a Sourcemod, no hard feelings. When I took on UP, nothing was really done and it was nothing worth releasing after Portal 2. Remember, we said it stopped development for now. After Portal 2 and the second installment of Blue Portals, ( a 'Blue Portals 2' maybe), we wish to convert the campaign and Extended Play to the Portal 2 engine if possible. Then UP will continue after that. Sounds like a plan.

Another issue has been Desura, not only people kept complaining that we made it the only way to play Blue Portals, but now and a few other times, it keeps breaking and its clearly not compatible on all hardware, high or low. Of course, I'm sure The Desura Team will make that a problem in the past in future updates, but we also promised that once we are done with Blue Portals, the mod will also be avalable on ModDB. And since we dropped UP till Portal 2, its time to release the files, and its about time too! Colossal will be the manager of the ModDB files while I will take care of the Desura files.

Pretty much, The campaign is better, Extended Play is polished and the tools have been released on Desura, so its really time for it to go, anyway. But we still want to thank the people who downloaded Desura and helped us out on fixing the campaign and Extended Play, you really helped us out a lot! Ok, so what happens if somethings broken? Well, I will update the files, upload them through Desura, and then Colossal will update the ModDB file. The Desura clients will have it first, but the Desura clients will not be the only ones to have it.

You can now download the full mod here!

Welp, thats it. Not sure if this is gonna be the last post or not, but we thank you for playing Blue Portals if you loved it or you hated it. We thank you for helping us point out the flaws we made, and hopefully we made them better. Colossal and I learned a lot from this project, and we will surely carry out the experiences and knowlage to other projects. Again, we will no longer be releasing anything major for Blue Portals unless its one big bug fix.

Thanks for dealing with us for the last year.

~Blue Portals Development Crew/rHetoricAl


I heard that WinstonSmith is now a member of the Thinking with Portals forum staff.

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