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hello and welcome to blues indiedb page firstly thanks for giving us your time; below you'll find out the general info of what the games about and what will feature in the game, also you will find info on what's to come.

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what is blue?

blue in essence is a sci-fi action game where you as the character,blue, a 3d representation of AI, artificial intelligence, a first of it's kind is created by a corporate company; and on the day of your first boot something happens and the facility gets over run but your creator paul manages to shut you down without being discovered. 50 years on a glitch in the system causes you to come back on-line in the decay facility and as a consequence of blue turning the power on-line the "bad guys" are aware of your presence and want you offline!

puzzle games aren't fun?

blue isn't your average puzzle game as there are intense action scenes which blue will have to over come with logic where it be escaping via smashing glass or dodging bullets to shut doors to block the enemy's way this is not your average puzzle game

what's to come in the game?

  • there will be a demo release for web-player and download which will give you some context to what iv'e been saying.
  • a tutorial scene/prologue
  • a video demonstration of the futuristic weaponry
  • a trailer for those who don't want a demo

any questions don't hesitate to ask thanks for reading!

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