You know whats almost as awesome as crushing blood yourself? Watching someone else crush it.

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For those of you that haven't been squatting behind waist high cover for the past few months, you likely know BLOODCRUSHER II: CALL ME, is now currently all the rage among teens between the ages of 15 and 500. Sadly though, we at Contraption Studios feel that we have been unjustly depriving our fans of their necessary dosage of BLOODCRUSHER.

Prepare for an injection straight into your face.

We will be starting to be screening development casts on our Twitch TV Channel, the first one being this SUNDAY at 8:00 PM, EST. These casts will feature an insight into the mind of the Bloodcrusher, where viewers may view us work for their amusement. Remember 8 PM EST. Clear all other events you had planned, nothing is as important as your supreme Crusher-based overlords.

Want to ask us questions for the cast? Tweet them at our Twitter account, @BLOODCRUSHERII!

On a side note though, did you know that BLOODCRUSHER II: ROGUE-LIKE-LIKE, has reactivated its classic website? That’s right, re-experience all the joys of the 90s internet, from its wonderful taste in backgrounds to its not at all eye murdering text colours.


so We can now watch you guys work on it every Sunday?

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Protroid Author

We will do our best to try to hold weekly Sunday casts. I can guarantee that we will tweet shortly before casts start and try to give a few days worth of prior warning if we cannot make a cast so you guys have an idea as to when you should be getting your required dosage of Bloodcrusher.

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