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Blood Omen 2: Conceptual Edition v1.02 has been released. This update brings to the table some restored cut content, deals with various in-game issues and improves on the existing retextures.

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  • Restored unused Dark Gift aura seen in trailer / prototype demo
  • Restored original Rupture animation for Immolate
  • Restored cut sky texture for Limbo area in Eternal Prison level
  • Tweaked UI
  • Tweaked Jump / Charm / Telekinesis aim cursors
  • Tweaked Thug texture
  • Tweaked Mercenary texture
  • Tweaked Smuggler texture
  • Retextured Sentry Turret from Shield Generator area in Hylden City level
  • Removed Vendor from City Reformatory area in Lower City due to placeholder audio
  • Removed Merchants from starting area in Canyons level due to placeholder audio
  • Removed Peasant from Clock Tower area in Upper City level due to animation / sound stream issue
  • Removed Sarafan Priests from Cemetery area in Upper City level due to animation issue
  • Removed duplicate Vampire from Sanctuary area in Device level
  • Fixed Handaxe HUD icon
  • Fixed soles texture
  • Fixed sky texture for Eternal Prison level

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