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Blood of Old is a new indie RPG/STRATEGY hybrid game. It has just launched on Steam Greenlight!

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Blood of Old is a new indie title to hit the market. It currently has just released it's Steam Greenlight and Indiegogo campaigns. The game is developed by one person and inspires to be as good as most RPGs out there. This game is a mix of two genres to keep things interesting, the first genre is RPG (role playing game), where you carry out tasks and quests and play through a storyline. The second is strategy, where you control your armies and castles and manage them wisely while using tactics and skills to beat enemy forces.

In the trailer we see a glimpse of game-play mechanics, the first being a vast open world, although much is not shown in the trailer it is a taste of what is to come. The second is the games renown systems, where you can carry out evil, such as murder, and gain a bad name for yourself and become an outlaw with city guards attacking you on sight. There is also a good side to this renown system where you can gain a good name for yourself and become a hero, by carrying out quests. We also see a glimpse of army building mechanics and battle mechanics, and castle management systems. This trailer gives a good taste of what is to come in the future.


Blood of Old, Indie , RPG, First person, Strategy, with an in depth story line.

Begin as a simple mercenary and make a name for yourself, become commander of armies and conqueror of cities, or become a despised outlaw with murder and thievery.
Manage your castles and cities from First Person ensuring they keep a smooth economy and happy peoples.
Manage your armies and battle on the ground with them in epic intense battles!
Play through the story line and find the Blood of Old and help them regain their throne and restore peace to a war torn country.

Key features

* Army building
* Castle Management
* Troop management
* RPG storyline
* Buy and ride horses and explore the vast open world!
* Renown system, become and outlaw or hero, your choice!
* Earn gold by completing quests or by outlaw ways, and use gold to buy castles and items


Planned for future Development

* Hunger/Thirst player survival elements
* Siege warfare
* Base Building from scratch
* Improved graphical and gameplay elements.
*multiplayer (co/op and PVP)
(with your help we can make a game tailored to the communites wants)

What makes us different?

* Active development with the community, what you want in the game you will get!
* A mix between strategy and rpg games elements from both inculded!
* Planned survival elements against nature, including hunger and thirst!




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