Post news RSS Blood Brawl released! introduces new camera, the remaining 28 artifacts, new improved blood effects, new post processes and many gameplay tweaks.

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BloodBrawl 0 0 3 6 introduces 28 new artifacts, which completes the number of ways you can build your fighter for final release. The biggest change in 3.6 is the camera, it now zooms in and out and rotates to follow the action. Because of this, there is now a visible boundary created by the gravity orb... Which leads to the next change, it is no longer possible for no one to possess the gravity orb. Someone is always in possession of the camera, making gravity orb domination a more important aspect of a match.

The blood effects are now simulated fluids rendered into spritesheets. This is more of a research on the workflow that will be used for the final blood effect.

Regarding the worries on the amount of content for release : 4 heroes, 4 blood stones, 4 levels and 43 artifacts may not seem that much but as long as I am working on this alone, this is unfortunately already a ton of work for the quality that I'm trying to achieve. Even a lot of the code is placeholder, especially the movement and combat system will need a lot of polish to get it to a fluid and enjoyable state. I plan to release more content if the game does well however.

DOWNLOAD is still just a very well fleshed out prototype, all graphics and sounds are placeholder and you may occasionally experience bugs and crashes!

BloodBrawl 0 0 3 6

As always, any feedback is appreciated!

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