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Just a quite update for you about the progress of my game. Added release dates.

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Hey guys,
This is just a quick update to let you know that i have now implemented all of the main scripts and am now beginning the level design, as you can see, i've uploaded a new screenshot too, this is of the 3rd level, the end of the tutorials levels for the web version of the game.

Yes, i'm releasing different versions to different platforms on: You guessed it, different dates... This is so i have time to create all the levels for the main standalone version, at release there will be 300, but i will update once a week until i get bored.

But i have made a list of the release dates that my different versions will be released on:

Web & Android: May 7th (Android version depends on Union and their position to port it.)
PC & Mac: June 7th
X360 & PS3: TBD (Will be finished by May 30th but cannot guarantee how long it will take for Union to process it and how long to get it on Xbox Live & PSN, but i should imagine within 2 months)

Make sure you track this game, or Blokky will get sad and lonely :(

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