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this is a blog 3 what explane some things Alconsidorus and berline wall

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hello comrades

today we will talk about the walls and some units

what will have factions in there walls ?

this is a good q

and the anser is simpel

all the ussr walls will make damage to units

nato will have classic walls .there spethal abilite is to make a problems to the enime units

usa high tech walls they will make also some damege but also they will use some steals technologe

for example
russia will have a tesla wall.
its spethal abiliti is that tropes will get deadle damage vihicle get strong damage
but the cost of the wall will be 500$-1000$(we will think about the cost when we will work on the balanse.).

germane will have the berlin wall (I think i dont have to explane why )
its spethal abiliti is will detect all enemy steals units also the spy

some units info
Alconsidorus is a mexico tank
this is a onle tank on usa side what luke like an old tank

he is one of the best problems to nato and ussr

he can use his huge plazma cannon give to bildings huge damage +(but this cannon taks same time to shut again ) also he have a rokets and mashing gun agants units

but his second atake is a smoke bomb (no one see in the area where the smoke is working )

desart cobra
is a pakistan tank (the onle tank what can go what aver you wont )
this is onle flying tank in the game (luke tank in cnc3)

he have strong cannon also high manuverte
his second attake is to use his jets engine on full speed (like king oni but faster :))

this is for today

in the next blog we will give you more models and some musiak (final ver)

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