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this is a our second blog we will tell you about our plans for the next blog and mod

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wellcome back comrades

in this blog we will tell about what did we do in the last 2 weaks

our grope now working on desing of the bildings and units
some units alredy in the way

ifv now in 0.2 %
missle 0.3%
tesla reactore 0.4 %
desart cobra 0.2%
soviet wall 0.3%
usa wall 0.2%
pakistan wall 0.1%
german wall 0.5 %
now i will tell some information about the contre system

thare will be main saides ( usa,nato,usa)

but there contres will have some diferens

for exsample special units

but this not all
there will also be diferens in the walls and in some bildings models for contres


russia will have tesla walls
pakistan old desart walls

we will try to make that each contre wall will have spatial abilite
for exsampal
german wall will be hard
(this means if a normal wall (in ra3) takes to destroi 0.7 second ,on german wall it will take 1.5-1.9 second )

another models will be change like baraks and fuctores to make each contre diferent

also thare will be diferents in the spatial ability and cost of same units
(hare is some of them :
to germane will less cost all tanks(but onle a tanks)
to russia all tesla weapons and defens will less cost (except of tesla wall it will cost 400 $)
and else)

we alredy have started to work on the intro video

and in the next blog we will put intro musiac and arts of the intro


luke a tiberium war we will have acts and prologe

each side will have thare own epologe

ussr 2 missions
usa 1 mission
nato 3 missions

each will have thare own name

soviets (bullet of fire )
usa (sword of retribution )
nato(victory of lie )

this is for today

next blog will be in november
good luke

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