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welcome comrades in my first blog i shell explane some ditalse about the mod + i will give you all the names of the spethal units of this mod

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hello to you all

this mod starts from the biging (last time the grope didnt have time .we wore in the army :()
but now we retern
all the planse will be complete
now to the mod

mod will tell you about what happen to ussr after victory of usa in RA2

we will have 2 main Factions (usa and ussr)
and 1 to the store line EUROPIAN Allies (Nato)

all this factions will have mine factions(like in ra2 )

USSR will have all his contrise

Russia- Tesla Tank
Cuba - Terrorist
Libya - Demolition Truck
Iraq - Desolator
all new
India -Mogaroga Ship
Belarus -migs -37
Ukraina- Yak - 300


USA- Paratroopers

Korea- Black Eagle
all new
Japan - Mecho-Samuraise

Pakistan-Deseart Cobra


France -Grand Cannon
Germany -
Tank Destroyer
Great Britain -
King of the ALbotroses
Green devil
POLAND -Tratorse

next time we will show you some model + some explonation on the story line

this for to day
if you have Q abaut the units
you can ask

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