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New in W28 is an improved redraw speed for damaged entities, optimized UI, full screen forced aspect, and two new blocks for full version users!

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Release 1 Week 28, October 27th 2011


New in W28 is an improved redraw speed for damaged entities, an improved UI backend for upcoming features, a forced aspect ratio for fullscreen, and two new blocks for full version users -- plus a bunch of bug fixes!To update, use wyUpdate.exe in your Blockade Runner folder or download Blockade Runner from the download page.
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Forced Aspect Ratio

If you use a resolution with an aspect ratio other than 1.777, there will now be black bars on the top and bottom of the screen. This helps a ton to make sure UI elements can stay in the same place regardless of the resolution.

Improved Damage Redraw Time

In W23-W26 there was considerable lag when you fired lasers at entities. As long as you keep your sound effects set to "off" (there's some other issue going on with sounds right now), you should notice considerably less lag when firing at entities. There's still a bit of a slowdown due to the particle effects themselves, but atleast the damage from the entities is no longer an issue!

Improved Interface Backend

Preparing for new UI elements up ahead, the visor code has been reworked so that alpha will properly draw overtop of other interface items. The visor should also now appear 3D correctly for GeForce 7 users!

New Blocks

Supporters will notice two new blocks, "Stellar Moss" and "Plasma Conduits". Regretfully neither do much for now, but they're fun to play with!

Changes for W28

- Added forced aspect ratio for fullscreen
- Improved items in interface now display transparently ontop of each other
- Improved damage to entities results in considerably less slowdown
- Fixed changing lighting settings resetting audio options
- Fixed audio settings are properly saved in .xml
- Fixed entities would display "perfect mass balance" and then switch back to "real"
- Fixed not having original entities in the entities folder would result in crash
- Fixed remote control options would appear outside of the tab menu
- Fixed sometimes weapons would fire backwards
- Fixed destroying last block in an entity would cause game to crash
- Fixed visor should appear in 3D for GeForce 7 users
- Fixed reset galaxy would move entities too close together
- Fixed could control remote while in menu
- Fixed Z axis (up/down) ships would only fire downwards
- Fixed very large ships wouldn't load





Run wyupdate.exe in the Blockade Runner folder.


Simply delete the Blockade Runner folder.


After purchasing Blockade Runner, use the username and password you used to register to unlock the game! Please let us know if you encounter any problems with the online activation!

Known Issues

  • Legacy ATI videocards are not supported with this version of Blockade Runner. The game will display vertical streaks if this is an issue.


Please visit the troubleshooting thread and make a post there if you can't find an answer to your question.

Vote For Features!

Blockade Runner supporters have the privilege to vote on new features for the game. Visit the forum here to vote!


  • Zack Harris, Programming, Shaders
  • Aaron Harris, Art, Creative Direction
  • Nathaniel Harris, Programming Lead
  • Micah Harris, Sound / Art / Video Lead
  • Gabriel Harris, Programming
  • Terah Harris, Art

Music "Nibiru Rising" provided by Samuel "SMH" Huse. Listen to his other works here!

Thank you!

Enjoy the update and don't forget to follow our Twitter, Facebook, or RSS feed to keep up to date with the game's progress!

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