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Week 14 of Blockade Runner removes the boundaries! Now you can build as big as you want to!

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Release 1 Week 14, July 20th 2011


Rejoice! You can now build starships as big as you want! Also new are some textures by Terah, as well as on-line activation to make activation easier!

What's New

- Added boundless expansion for entities
- Added online activation
- Added new textures
- Added lite/full versions
- Removed carpet textures

Boundless Entities

There are no longer any limits to how far out you expand an entity; you can now build a star ship as large as you like! This represents a major step for Release 1.

Lite / Full

The game now officially is split between "Lite" and "Full" versions of Blockade Runner! From now on, the full version of the game will remain about four weeks ahead of the Lite version, with pre-ordering required to play the latest version. What this means is if you're playing the lite version, you'll have to wait another four weeks before trying out R1W14.

New Textures

Terah's thrown in a few new textures, including some utility lines and some mechanical parts! To fit the new textures, the old carpets had to be temporarily removed, a growing pain as Blockade Runner evolves.

Online Activation

You can now use the username and password you used to pre-purchase Blockade Runner R1 to unlock the game! Please let us know if you encounter any problems with the on-line activation by e-mailing us at





Unzip the contents of the downloaded zip and run BlockadeRunner.exe. It may take a moment for the game to start up the first time as it's uncompressing the space skybox textures.


Run wyupdate.exe in the Blockade Runner folder.


Simply delete the Blockade Runner folder.


After purchasing Blockade Runner, use the username and password you used to register to unlock the game! Please let us know if you encounter any problems with the online activation!

Known Issues

  • Legacy ATI videocards are not supported with this version of Blockade Runner. The game will display vertical streaks if this is an issue.


Please visit the troubleshooting threadand make a post there if you can't find an answer to your question.

On the Horizon

Several things are at the top of our list for features in the coming weeks (In no particular order):

  • Humanoid movement
  • Power conduits
  • Weapons
  • Improved thruster controls
  • Improved collision detection
  • Generated asteroids


No stoppin' you now; make starships as large as you like!

Some of the new textures Terah's cooked up!

Online activation in action.


  • Aaron Harris, Creative Director
  • Nathaniel Harris, Programming Lead
  • Terah Harris, Art

Thank you!

From all of us at ZanMgt!

TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

curious... I like the sound of this.

If this works on my PC, I will be watching this game closely.

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paindoc Author
paindoc - - 26 comments

What are Blockade Runner's requirements?

Currently you require a PC with a Shader 2.0 videocard, XNA 3.1, Dot NET 3.5, and DirectX 9.0c

You will also probably need at least 1gb of ram. Might run with 512mb. Not sure.

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TheUnabridgedGamer - - 1,671 comments

I have 6gb of ram.

An ATI graphics card.

I think graphics will be fine. the rest of the specs are no problem.

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