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A fast paced, live action multiplayer game for mobile.

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BlobRun is a combat platforming racer coming to iOS and Android mobile platforms; platform you way through randomly generated levels to escape and outrun other Blobs chasing you. Use powerups at your disposal to slow down other players, avoid capture, and assure you gain the fastest possible time, or the longest time alive.

Check out the Trailer here:

BlobRun has two components, multiplayer and singleplayer.

In multiplayer, 'Chaos Mode', you will be competing head to head in servers with up to 100 players at once from around the world and across different platforms to try to obtain the fastest time. A new level is generated randomly each day, and everyone competes to obtain the fastest time on that level. Use powerups to slow down, gobble up, explode the other blobs, and much more. The fastest times each day will be shown in the hall of fame, and will unlock special achievements and rewards to pimp their Blob with.

In singleplayer, 'Escape mode', your task is to escape from the prison, and avoid re-capture from the wardens for as long as possible. They will try to hunt you down and send you back to your cell. Compete against your friends to see who can survive the longest. Share your own tweaked levels, making it as challenging as you want in order to show off your skills and see if they can be matched.

Unlock hats and outfits for thousands of combinations to customize your Blob, unlock achievements and climb the daily leaderboards for the ultimate bragging rights (and items).

Try your luck at BlobSled, the BlobRun minigame where you'll either become rich beyond your wildest dreams, or die tryin'

BlobRun is out this winter, for free, just in time for Christmas. There are some unintrusive interstitial ads, that can be removed, and in-app-purchases are available although these are purely cosmetic and do not give others advantages.

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