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In this update we feature improved physics puzzle system, improved Journal and the new checkpoint system.

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Hello everyone!

One of the most important pieces of gameplay for a game is the feeling of achievement and improvement. How can anyone enjoy these two if they cannot be somehow saved for later usage.
This is what we did for this update. Now you can save your progress through the checkpoint system.

Checkpoints are represented by candle-sticks that once triggered, they will get lit and will save the progress up to that moment. As a challenge, defeated monsters will not be saved, though! Because otherwise, players can just abuse the system and have no real challenge in defeating the enemies between two checkpoints.

Another element to this will be the doppelganger system. It will be implemented within the next update, but let's give some details first. In order for death to have a real meaning in the game, if you die a certain number of times, an evil copy of the main character will appear with the sole intent to kill him and take his place. There will be no direct means to eliminate this apparition once summoned, though there is something you can do to banish it, momentarily, but more of this in a later update.

You can also see the new improved journal. What do you think about how it looks? Are the red bookmarks ok?

Also, we fleshed out the puzzle system based on physics. There will be items and weapons within the game, out of reach. The only way to get there is to use objects from the environment which can be picked up, moved and staked.

Here is the showcase video for this update:

Thanks for tuning in and please don't forget to track the game if you like it!

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