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This dev blog will feature a lot of new content added to Blinding Dark. Also I took some time explaining the difficulties I had with the Egyptian Trap and how different weapons work in the game.

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Hey guys,

I'm very satisfied with the amount of work I managed to put into the game up to now. Things are moving fast with the basic features. Once they are done, there will be only smooth sailing from then.
Let's have a brake down of the new additions:

Change log:
- A new enemy, the Demented Hulk - massive demon, with heavy armor, packs a good punch but slow in reactions.
- A new weapon, called Svalinn (new model as well) - it creates an ethereal shield that blocks projectiles cast by ethereal enemies.
- A new weapon, no name yet (needs new model as well) - consumes mana and does little damage each hit bun has a high fire rate. Good against highly resistant enemies, like the Demented Hulk.
- New Revolver model, let me know what you think about it.
- New Sacrificial Axe model, some people told me that they feel that the axe model used previously was off compared to the overall game style, what you guys think about the new model?
- Started working on the GUI, not too much to show yet. I would love some feedback regarding GUI design.
- New very nice particle effects (blood and energy discharges)
- Multiple tweaks, additions and improvements.

Thanks for tuning in guys!
If you like the videos, please subscribe, also any feedback about my talking style and feature coverage is welcome.


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I like it.

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