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Blendimals is being developed for iPhone and iPad, providing many new levels and lots of new features. And we would like testers :)

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When Blendimals the student game came out back in April we got lots of great reviews and we liked the project so much that a bunch of us decided to try and make a bigger and better commercial version. The game was originally intended for iOS so that’s what we were gonna do.

For 6 months a team of 5 have been spending a LOT of our spare time (and most of the summer holiday) on creating new features and levels and making changes according to the feedback that we got. Now Blendimals has reached its beta state and we’re building the last levels and fixing bugs. We’re therefore testing all that we can and we would very much like your input.

So if you liked the PC version that you can play here and you have an iPhone or iPad – then you will be the perfect tester! Signing up as a tester is not binding in any way and the game has trackers in it so you just play whenever you want and we will get feedback from that. Just click the link below and you can sign up and install TestFlight, a testing app that will tell you when new builds are available.

You can sign up here:

Anyway, apart from pressuring you all to be test subjects what do you think about a bigger version of Blendimals? Would you be willing to pay for a game like that? Right now we’re focusing on iOS, but we expect to release it for Android, PC and Mac as well, so you’ll probably get to play it at Desura. The new game will have about 50 levels, more animals to blend, items to collect, new features in the levels, the Blendimals Survival Guide, super blendimals – and a story!

You can follow the production on our Facebook page where we will give all kinds of weird facts and news about the game:

- or our website:

This little indie team is hoping to make a success of our love child :)

Big huah from the Exploding Cow team

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