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This is one of the main characters for the game I am designing/making. I'm working on this project every chance I get. The opening storyline is within.

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A few years into the future, a pair of
alien races visit earth to help humanity. One is known as the Kiwaii
an their races consist of anthropomorphic cats, foxes, dogs, and
wolves. The other race is known an the Inu-Tech or Inutee. They look
similar to humans, except they have dog-ears and tails. Not all of
humanity accepted their help; so when a computer virus wiped out most
of technology, people blamed the visitors. A war broke out soon after
and lasted for a year. After the war, there where few people left and
earth was mostly covered in ash. The visitors helped humanity one
more time, taking them to a nearby planet. No one knows who released
the computer virus, but everyone knows it was used to stop the war.

What is left of humanity relocates to a
planet known as Bio, since earth is mostly covered in ash. The Kiwaii
have a few outposts on the planet to study it's flora and fauna. The
animals, known as Kopii, have elemental power. Professional
adventurers use Kopii to help them as they traverse the world.


An anthropomorphic cat named Angel is
asked to take a census of the Kopii on a group of islands. Her mate,
an anthropomorphic wolf named Facade, decides to become an adventurer
and go with her. Along the way Facade decides to enter a few
tournaments to see how good he is, but sometimes; past evils are hard
to escape.

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