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Blameless War factions. Article about the most cruel conflict in the Hyperborean Period of "Infinitas" universe and its factions.

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Blameless War.

Good side:
Hyperborean Empire
Dragons Empire
Elf`Urr Domination
"Alien Allied Group"
Draskov Empire Loyalists
Nargon Loyalists
Uruz Directorium


Evil side:
"Knights of Excelscior" terroristic org.
"Draskov Blameless Sons" terroristic org.
"Dark Hand" terroristic org.
"Intergalactic Blameless Shahinshah-Empire" terroristic org.
N`Sai States Allies
"Fedorkovic Industris" Corporation
Nargon Terrorists
Pirates Organised Groups
Rassil Drug-Dealers Corporations
Bradatus Remnant


Stories about this period in the Hyperborean list:
- Unholy Lord
- Unholy Prophet
- Cicle of the captain Krasich (Chronics)
- "Ionaphanus"

No doubt, that Blameless War was the most cruel war in the whole universe. It was disaster for the all Hyperborean period. Number of victims is almost impossible... Over then 1 billion humans were killed in this terrible conflict. This was was even more horrible then Cerberum conflict.

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