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Sorry but the first release will be not on november 20 but in december , I think but i have a surprised for all of you!!!

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Because of some important things needed to make this mod.. I contacted some mods developers to support my only one personal mod..

The first released will be called Remake v.0.1

*NFA Factions : Tech,artillery and robots will be removed

USA X General superweapon : Weather Storm
China X General superweapon : Atmospheric Lenz
GLA X General superweapon : Baikonur Rockets and 11 missiles of scud storm

USA sub factions

USA SuperWeapon general superweapon : Ion Cannon
USA Assault general superweapon :
USA Airforce General superweapon : Carpet Bombing

China Sub factions

China Flame General Superweapon : Napalm storm

China Infantry General Superweapon : Detractor Cannon

China Artillery General Superweapon : temple of gaia

GLA Sub factions :

GLA toxin general superweapon : Toxin Barrel Missile

GLA salvaged general superweapon : Gas Scud Storm

GLA Dictator : -----------

Superunits,new buildings and new units will be updated soon

That's all for now! XD

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