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New version of Blade of Light mod to Honor the 20 years since the release of Blade of Darkness.

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About the 20th Anniversary version.
New version of Blade of Light mod to Honor the 20 years since the release of Blade of Darkness.


v2.0 20th Anniversary
- Better tonemapping. No Bright Lights Clipping. Sky and Fog don't Clip on brightest levels.
- Dynamic lighting adjustments. Exposure adaptation fine tuned to react with amount of lighting in the scene.
- Bloom levels dynamically adjusted for dark/light areas.
- Cleaner image. removed noise and other image processing shaders. Image quality over texture sharpening.
- Newer DOF shader (Marty McFly). Tuned behavior and curves for better clarity. Player always in focus on farthest cameras. Slightly de-focused when close to camera. The rest of scene focus dynamically based on center of screen (above char head). If you want to focus at something point the center of screen at it. Locked enemies will be in focus.
- Overall color correction tweaked to have the best experience through all different game maps.


I had to make some changes for playing with this mod.
I removed 3DfxSpl.dll,3DfxSpl2.dll,3DfxSpl3.dll,glide.dll,glide2x.dll,glide3x.dll and the nglide_config.exe.
After i downloaded the last version of nglide(v 2.10) and installed it.
And searched the nglide configurator and put --> Aspect ratio: Integer rendering.
and i could played :D.

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piltrafus Author

Cool. Glad you made it work. And thanks for sharing how you did it.
It seems to work differently on each machine :)
Maybe your solution helps others.

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